NOT Fordgate Change Log

NOT Fordgate Group – Changes to the Site List

Created Not Fordgate Group Post with some content and external links

Added to Google Search Console

Added Yoast plugin and sitemap

Added Not Fordgate Group Title Tag and H1 tag

Created Not Fordgate Group home page discussing the point of the site

Added NOT Fordgate Group Change Log page to have a few more keywords and internal links. Linked on keyword terms

Made the main domain name and added to Search Console Change of address from to

Future Changes

Create Social media accounts and start using – authority

Get links from other domains – business listings etc

Find  blogs or listings to comment on

Create You tube account and upload video to show on site

Add very basic PPC campaign on NOT Fordgate Group names to test the paid vs organic theory

Get Google My Business Listing

NOT Fordgate Group

We are NOT Fordgate Group

We are conducting an SEO experiment to see if we can rank for the top of these terms and how Google Treats us.

The Fordgate Group of property  management companies is something else entirely and unrelated. Andrew Gertner who run it though appears to be in our opinion, a cunt.

For the avoidance of any doubt, we are unrelated to cunts at Fordgate Group (and other related Fordgate companies) of 1 Allsop Pl, Marylebone, London NW1 5LF

Neither do we pass any comment on them in any particular way, other than the entire family appear to be cunts

If you wish to speak to them, as they dont have a website or very much online information at all, their directors are:

Moises Gertner

Simon Jacobs

Andrew Gertner

and there is a tiny bit more info on Google – Fordgate Group and Companies House

This site is being used for an SEO ranking experiment